• Our 2020 Two Rivers 10-Mile, Relay, 2-Mile, and Kids’ Run will comply with all CDC social distancing and health safety guidelines. All decisions will be made with the health and welfare of participants as the top priority.  We will share all event social distancing guidelines on our race website and in an email to participants.
  • All participants will be required to wear a mask on school grounds at all times up until the start of the race, and will again be required to wear a mask after the race until leaving school grounds. At start line participants can remove their masks, but will be positioned 6 feet apart on the “chalk spot” in accordance with social distancing guidelines and their wave assignments.  Volunteers, whether on or off school grounds, will be wearing a mask during duration of our event.
  • Wave starts (45 to 50 runners each) in each race will be implemented to ensure social distancing and limit number of runners gathering at starting line at one time. Participants will be assigned a starting time and wave for their race.  START TIMES: 10-Mile and Relay waves will start at 8:00 A.M. and 2-Mile waves at 8:30 A.M. 

Kids’ Run (Saturday night):
Wave #1 5:00 P.M. – Kids’ Run (Ages 6 thru 10)
Wave #2 5:10 P.M. – Kids’ Run (Ages 1 thru 5)

10-Mile and 3-Person Relay:
Wave #1  8:00 A.M. – 10 Mile Elites (Runners who have finished in top 10 (by gender) previously will be approved.  Others by race director discretion).
Wave #2  8:05 A.M. – 10 Mile (limit 45)
Wave #3  8:10 A.M. – 10 Mile (limit 45)
Wave #4  8:15 A.M. – 10 Mile (limit 45)
Wave #5  8:20 A.M. – 10 Mile (limit 45)
* This plan will accommodate 180 runners + the first wave of say 20-30.

2-Mile Run/Walk:
Wave #1  8:30 (limit 45)
Wave #2  8:35 (limit 45)
Wave #3  8:40  (limit 45)

  • All participants must register online in advance at Tworivers10mile.com by Noon on Monday, October 12th. There will be no race day registration.  This significantly minimizes volunteer needs and potential handling on race day.  If you registered for our March 2020 event, and didn’t defer to March 2021 event, your registration was transferred to our upcoming October event.
  • Bib/shirt pickup will be conducted with participants and volunteers wearing masks. Volunteers will also be required to wear gloves.  Participants will tell an outside volunteer their name (Volunteer will be located at Two Rivers High School main entrance and wearing a bright yellow vest), volunteer will radio participant name to volunteer inside school, volunteer inside school will bring bib/shirt outside and set the items on an empty table.  Participant will then pick them up, rather than a direct hand off.  Table will be disinfected regularly.  Awards will be handled similarly at conclusion of event.  All participants will be prohibited from entering school.
  • Portable toilets will be used. We will alternate the doors to assist with distancing of participants. For example in a row of toilets, toilet one the door will face North, toilet two South, toilet three North, toilet four South, etc.
  • For the start of each race, we will draw small chalk marks on the ground at the start line. Rows of 2 dots six feet apart will give participants a visual que for proper line up and distancing as they prepare to start. We will provide 23 rows to enable waves of no more than 50 participants. Timing data shows that a wave of 50 participants lined up properly socially distanced from one another (6 feet apart) will all cross the start line in approximately 30 seconds. Therefore, start time gaps of 5 minutes are quite manageable and will be implemented.  We will prohibit any spectators in the starting line area to ensure maximum number of people is not exceeded.
  • Water stations will be self-service aid stations on course. Participants must stop their race and serve themselves.
  • There will be no post-race food or snacks.
  • Results will not be posted on site to prevent people from gathering. Our Timing Company will offer free text messaging of race results. Participants who opted in during the registration process will receive a text message with their time shortly after crossing the finish line.  Results will be updated live throughout the race at www.ItsRaceTime.com.