Published in the Herald Times Reporter on 3/22/2015

TWO RIVERS – Course records were set in both the men’s and women’s races during the Aurora Health Care Two Rivers 10-mile event on Sunday.

Milwaukee’s John Dewitt claimed the men’s title, while Caitlin Comfort captured the women’s title as a record number of competitors took the course for the 10-mile and 2-mile races.

“Our race is continuing to grow and the nicer running weather certainly contributed to our fast times this year,” commented race director Scott Jansky.

Dewitt, a two-time all-American at UW-Oshkosh and Olympic marathon trials qualifier, outlasted two-time champion Tyler Sigl of Seymour for the win. Dewitt finished in 51:48, about eight seconds ahead of Sigl, a former Division III national champion from UW-Platteville.

Daniel Peters of Minneapolis took third in 52:48, with all three times besting the course record of 53:31 set by Sigl last year.

Comfort, a former NCAA Division I All-American and Big Ten Champion distance runner at Wisconsin, finished in 59:07 to set the record, finishing about three minutes ahead of runner-up Jenny Zwagerman. Zwagerman was the 2014 winner. Callie Bartel took third.

Green Bay’s Jennifer Chaudoir and Oshkosh’s Jason Ryf claimed the respective master’s titles. Chadoir ran the 10-mile course in 1:05:45, while Ryf finished in 54:41.

In the relay events, the winning women’s team was Mommy’s Time Out of Menasha (1:16:52); the men’s title went to Two and a Half Men of Two Rivers (1:17.18); and the coed win went to Two Hotties and a Donkey from Oconto Falls (1:17.78).

The 2-mile runs were won by Sasha Demian of West Allis (14:26) for the women and Peter Dirus of Minneapolis for the men (11:37).

Aurora Health Care Two Rivers Run

10 miles


1. Caitlyn Comfort, Verona, 59:07.4; 2. Jenny Zwagerman, Shorewood, 1:02:52.3; 3. Callie Bartel, Green Bay, 1:04:48.9; 4. Laura Schmitz, Oshkosh, 1:05:13.3; 5. Jennifer Chaudoir, Green Bay, 1:05:45.3; 6. Katie Gellings, North Fond du Lac, 1:05:48.2; 7. Kimberly Vonduring, Grafton, 1:07:51.7; 8. Suzy Stanley, Two Rivers, 1:10:18.0; 9. Nicole Strutz, Two Rivers, 1:12:17.1; 10. Kristin Brazzale, Sheboygan, 1:16:25.8.


1. John Dewitt, Milwaukee, 51:40.8; 2. Tyler Sigl, Seymour, 51:48.8; 3. Daniel Peters, Minneapolis, Minn., 52:48.2; 4. Jason Ryf, Oshksoh, 54:41.2; 5. Michael Bubolz, Manitowoc, 56:12.7; 6. Tyler Zagerman, Shorewood, 57:50.0; 7. Mike Beix, Caledonia, 1:02:10.4; 8. Jason Mayer, Grafton, 1:02:26.1; 9. Chris Plummer, Sheboygan, 1:02:39.4; 10. Ben Kubicki, Green Bay, 1:03:16.9.


Women: 1. Mommy’s Time Out, Menasha, 1:31:54.6; 2. Schmid Girls, Two Rivers, 1:37:03.5; 3. Running Rampid, Denmark, 1:37:45.7. Men: 1. Two and a Half Men, Two Ribers, 1:17:18.2; 2. Buns and Balls, Two Rivers, 1:31:49.3. Coed: 1. Two Hotties and a Donkey, Oconto Falls, 1:16:52.9; 2. Wachowski, two Rivers, 1:23:31.8; 3. 2 Beauties and the Beast, Manitowoc, 1:25:45.8; 4. Hayden’s Hope, Two Rivers, 1:29:28.0; 5. Rancheros, Manitowoc, 1:32:06.9.

2 Miles


1. Sasha Demian, West Allis, 14:26.7; 2. Maggie Klinkner, Two Rivers, 14:33.5; 3. Anna Gallagher, Two Rivers, 14:34.5; 4. Kaylee Kornowski, Green Bay, 15:13.3; 5. Jacque Linzmeier, Two Rivers, 15:37.5; 6. Aubree Kubicki, Green Bay, 15:48.6; 7. Mckenzie Graff, Two Rivers, 16:10.5; 8. Jean Kubicki, Green Bay, 16:33.7; 9. Maxine Becker, Kiel, 17:12.1; 21. Laura Slickman, Two Rivers, 17:24.5.


1. Peter Dirius, Minenapolis, Minn., 11:37.3; 2. Joel Putz, Manitowoc, 14:16.1; 3. Tyson Rupp, Manitowoc, 14:17.4; 4. Marcus Rosinsky, Two Rivers, 14:50.6; 5. Shawn Taddy, Two Rivers, 15:01.3; 6. Brent Piere, Two Rivers, 15:02.7; 7. Kyle Muller, Two Rivers, 16:38.8; 8. Dan Loritz, Green Bay, 16:40.6; 9. Dylan Hood, Two Rivers, 16:46.7; 10. Garrett Pagel, 17:11.3.